Open Gym Rules And Regulations

As of January 1st 2017 we have changed our memberships, our schedule and the way you check in for classes. If you have been to our academy before January 1st of this year your waiver is no longer valid!  If you are under 18 please bring a parent or guardian with to resign the waiver.  If you need access to your account please email us for a password reset.

Open Gym at Fight or Flight Academy is completely NOT INSTRUCTED!  It is not a time to learn new things, it is open time to come in and work on skills that you already know.  We DO NOT recommend people come to open gym without taking classes first.  Open gym has a $15 entry fee and all participants must have the online waiver filled out.  If you are unsure of the status of your waiver please email or call us, we would be happy to check it for you.  As of January 2017 ALL previous waivers are no longer valid.  We also have a list of rules which must be followed at all times during open gym or you will be banned from open gyms!

  • Open gym is for age 10+
  •  No one is allowed to jump off any object that is taller than themselves without express permission from an instructor at Fight or Flight Academy.  This includes jumping onto mats.  We don’t care if you have every mat in the gym stacked up, if the thing you are standing on is taller than you, you CAN NOT jump off it.
  • You are only allowed to land on one of our large red resi pit mats if there is either an 8 inch or 12 inch blue mat on top of it.  This is mostly for the safety of the mats themselves.  They are old and crumbly and we are trying to keep them around as long as possible.  Plus you’ll probably just go straight through the resi mat and hit the floor if you don’t have another mat on top of it.

  • Open gym participants are NOT allowed to spot each other on skills.
  • No food or drink allowed into the exercise area of the gym.  Keep them by the spectator area.
  •  Always watch out for other people.  Never cross over a landing mat that someone else may be jumping onto.  Don’t go running around all crazy like (basically don’t play games of Tag if there are a lot of people around).
  • Don’t do anything stupid.  The gym is not exactly the safest place, if something seems dangerous and scary, it probably is.  You are much less likely to hurt yourself if you have a little common sense.

All Open Gym participants must be in our Zen Planner system. If you are not, please create a new account below by clicking on the open gym you plan on participating in and follow the prompts to make an account.

Note again, open gym time is NOT INSTRUCTED and NOT SUPERVISED!!

Open Gym is $15