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Fight or Flight Academy | Parkour | Freerunning | Martial Arts
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We offer classes for all age ranges between 7-122. You do not need any previous Parkour experience to try a class. We have multiple beginner class options throughout the week for you to try.

We teach to all fitness levels. Train Parkour to get in shape, don't get in shape to train Parkour. Sign up today to start your Parkour journey.


Fight or Flight Academy is a 9000 square foot facility designed for realism. Anything you learn inside the gym can be taken outside on real obstacles. Our gym is not safe. We teach you how to be safe within it.

Our two bar setups are taken down and rebuilt into a different design every 1-2 months. Our larger wooden obstacles are rearranged every 3-6 months. Our smaller obstacles are moved around every day.

There is always something new to discover each day you come to the gym.


We can teach to all ages and skill levels. We currently have students ranging from 7-58, and have taught people upwards of 80 years old.

It's never too early or too late to start. Parkour is a personalized discipline, meant to be taken at your own pace.