Class Descriptions


We split our classes based on age, but that is mostly for height, strength, and maturity considerations.. If a student displays exceptional maturity and skill, but doesn't meet the age requirement, we will have them move up to a higher age group to make sure they are being challenged enough.


Junior & Youth Classes (Ages 7-13)

Our youth programs are designed with growing minds and growing bodies in mind. Our class structure allows for structured learning time that follows our 8-week rotating curriculum, and guided free time to work on challenges and explore the movements they've learned that day. We allow our instructors the freedom to decide what's best for each class, which means every class will be exciting and students will never get bored.

Class Structure:

Our class structure will generally consist of a 5min warmup, 20-30min of technique practice, 10-15min of a challenge, game, or flip related to the technique being worked on, then 10min of free time to end the class.


We rotate through 8 class subjects in our Junior and Youth programs:

Each subject has many sub-topics that we cover, some examples are given for each subject.

Falling and Rolling - Purposefully falling down in common scenarios, parkour shoulder rolls for jumping off higher things and when falling down, forward rolls and dive rolls to progress into front flips, etc.

Climbing - Proper climbing techniques to climb on tall things, traverse along ledges in a hanging position, safely climb down from tall things, etc.

Jumping and Landing - Proper landing techniques to prevent knee and ankle issues, running across multiple obstacles, balancing on beams and bars, etc.

Vaulting - Learning how to get over shorter obstacles in efficient and stylish ways.

Redirection and Twisting - Using a foot on the wall to change directions quickly, cartwheels, stylish twisting movements, etc.

Bars - Proper swinging technique, knee swinging and casting, etc

Obstacle Courses - Now that they've learned all these awesome moves, we can apply them to larger courses that incorporate many of them all at once to see how quick, safe, and efficient they've become.

Games - Taking a little break from technique focused classes, we again use all the new skills they've acquired to play games such as tag, ground is lava, quiet movement games, etc.

Level 1 - Foundations (Ages 13+)

All of our top level athletes, and even some of our coaches, started here. 

From day one you’ll be moving over, across, under and through various obstacles!

Through this 8-week course, you’ll be safely introduced to the basic movements of parkour and freerunning, covering the topics of landing, rolling, vaulting, climbing, flow, tumbling, bars, and wall tricks, all while naturally building strength, speed, stamina and balance in a safe environment.


We rotate through an 8-week curriculum of classes, with several skills one must adequately perform before graduating to Level 2.

Those 8 subjects are as follows:

Landings - Proper slapout landing technique, momentum transfers, balance and precisions, and proper breakfall techniques.

Vaulting - Learn how to move over, onto and off of various obstacles using a variety of different vault techniques.

Climbing - Breaking down and learning all the pieces of climbing on top of various obstacles, then applying those techniques to see how high you can climb.

Rolling - Learn how to jump from progressively higher obstacles and safely perform a Parkour shoulder roll to transfer your momentum.

Flow - Altering movements you already know, and learning some new ones, we will explore the more creative side of things, introducing some important Freerunning concepts.

Tumbling - Learn the foundational movements of freerunning-style flips with proper takeoff positions, forward and dive rolls, and handstand, bridge, and cartwheel progressions.

Bars - Learn proper underbar techniques, swinging and releasing techniques, casting and rolling, etc.

Wall Tricks - Learn to use flat and slanted walls in creative ways with movements including wall spins, twisting wall runs and cat grabs, step up handplant wall gainers (OH MY!), and everyone's favorite, the wall flip.


If these classes sound like something you want to try, or if you're still unsure, we offer a free intro class to get an idea of what to expect in these classes. We go over proper safety, and many of the common foundational movements we use in Parkour and Freerunning. We will then guide you through the signup process after the class is over to make sure you have the smoothest experience possible.


Teen / Adult Foundations Programs


Level 2 - Basics

Refine your parkour movements through more complex training of precision, power, and accuracy! In Level 2 - Basics you start to build upon the knowledge gained in your Level 1 training, perfecting and expanding upon those movements.

In Level 1, there were 8 different class topics. In Level 2, we still have the same 8 topics, but they are each separated into 4 sub-topics. It takes 4 months to get through all 32 topics, and generally at least a year before graduating to Level 3.

Level 3 - Applications

Take your training to the highest levels by challenging your body to do things you didn’t even know you could do! With your background in the basic skills you’ve already mastered, now it’s time to conquer the fear of pushing your limits to go faster, higher, and farther than ever before.


Martial Arts Programs



Learn single and dual wield techniques, quick-draw techniques, barehanded techniques, as well as combat psychology and terminology. No previous experience required.

Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself in real world situations from some of the best self-defense practitioners in the world. No previous experience required.


Supplementary Classes


Obstacle Courses

Test your ability to move quickly, safely, and efficiently through multiple obstacles. These classes are designed to test your proficiency in the movements you're learning in your Foundations classes, as well as your transitions, speed, stamina, creativity, improvisation, etc.


Learn the basics of tumbling, front flips, back flips, cartwheels, and side flips. No previous experience required.


Similar to our Obstacle Course classes, except instead of focusing on Parkour moves and speed, we focus much more on stylized movements and creativity. We will have our gimbal available to film your final runs near the end of class to post on our Instagram, or for you to have yourself.

Strength for Parkour

Increase your strength and power to be able to jump farther, climb higher and land quieter.



Open Gym

Train on your own or with friends, practicing skills you learned in classes. Entry is $15 for non-members. More detailed information about Open Gyms can be found HERE.