Midwest League Parkour & Freerunning Competition

The Midwest Parkour League is a rotating competition in which participants can travel to other facilities to participate in Parkour competitions to earn league points.

Current list of participating gyms (more are being added):

  • Fight or Flight Academy (Edina, MN)
  • Swift Movement Studio (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Kentuckiana Parkour (Louisville, KY)
  • Phoenix Freerunning Academy (Livonia, MI)
  • Parkour Horizons (Columbus, OH)
  • Akron Movement Family (Stow, OH)

League awards are given for:

At the end of each league season, awards are given, in addition to any prizes given at the local competitions.

  • 1st - 3rd place in each division League Wide
  • Top Style Athlete League Wide
  • Top Speed Athlete League Wide
  • Top Skill Athlete League Wide
  • Sportmanship League Wide
  • Most Improved League Wide
  • Most Traveled League Wide
  • Best Style Run League Wide
  • Best Save/Ukemi League Wide

Fight or Flight's Local Prizes will be given for:

  • 1st - 3rd place in each division
  • Best Trick

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Fight or Flight Academy's Competition Details


Athletes test their ability to plan routes and execute with a single attempt to race the clock.


Athletes must demonstrate control, power, and adaptability to perform challenges they haven’t attempted before in a set timeframe with no practice attempts.


Athletes demonstrate their ability to create, execute, and perform a series of skills in a cohesive run, judged on creativity, flow, execution, and difficulty.


  • Co-Ed Ages 11-15
  • Co-Ed Ages 16+

*Times subject to change

Saturday, June 23rd

  • 2:30pm - Ages 11-15 Skills Division
  • 4:30 - Ages 16+ Skills Division

Sunday, June 24th

  • Noon - Ages 11-15 Speed Division
  • 2pm - Ages 11-15 Freestyle Division


  • 4pm - Ages 16+ Speed Division
  • 6pm - Ages 16+ Freestyle Division
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