Do you have a water fountain?

No, you should plan to bring a water bottle. We sell water and sports drink at the gym.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take all forms of credit cards, as well as cash or check.


I’ve never done anything like this before, can I still participate?

Absolutely!  Our classes are designed to teach to whoever comes in, even with absolutely zero experience.  We teach everything through progressions so you’ll never be pushed too far past your limits.  Our goal is to grow the sports of Parkour and Freerunning as much as we can, so we wanted the gym to be completely accessible to the very beginner skill levels.  We recommend everyone come to our FREE intro class.  After you try the intro class, the instructor will guide you through the next steps.


Is the facility safe?

The facility is designed to be as realistic as possible as if you were training downtown in the city.  So no, it’s not necessarily “safe.” It is our job to teach you to be safe in your movements and not have to rely on being in a safe, padded environment.


What if I’m late for class?

Classes start promptly at the scheduled time.  If you are late, you might not be able to participate in class.  It is up to the discretion of the instructor teaching the class if they will allow you to join in. Generally if you are more than 10min late, you will not be allowed to participate in class.


If I miss a class can I do a make-up class?

Yes. There are different options depending on the membership you are signed up for.

Junior Parkour - You may attend any other Junior Parkour class during the week. Let the person in the office know you are there for a makeup class.

Youth Parkour - You may attend any other Youth Parkour class during the week. Let the person in the office know you are there for a makeup class.

Teen/Adult Level 1 - Please send us an email at contact@fightorflightacademy.com with the date of the class you have/will miss to get a list of dates to come in for that class subject.

Teen/Adult Level 2 & 3 - You may attend any other Level 2 or 3 class during the week. If you miss one or both of your classes during the week, we are unable to schedule a makeup day for you. All these classes run on a 4-month rotation, so you will just have to wait until that class subject comes around again.


What is the difference between an "A" class and a "B" class in the 'Level 2 - Basics' program?

There is no inherent difference between an "A" class and a "B" class. They are simply split so that each student receives the proper curriculum each week. Each "A" class for that week will cover the same skills, and each "B" class for that week will cover different skills than the "A" class. You may take a "B" class first, if that fits your schedule better. You may also take both the "A" class and the "B" class in the same day.


Can I take multiple classes in a row?

Yes, you can! Many of our students are at the gym for several hours in a row, multiple times a week. How often and how long you want to be at the gym is up to you. We have some membership options that allow you to take unlimited classes, as well as have unlimited free time to train on your own.


Do you have any discounts available?

Yes., we have several discounts available. We have family discounts, paying in advanced discounts, and public service discounts.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about these discounts.


Can I take private lessons?

YES! Give us a call or send us an email to talk about scheduling and pricing for private lessons.

Check out our Private Lesson page for how to set up a lesson.


Do you have a trampoline/foam pit/spring floor?

We are not a gymnastics facility.  We want our students to be able to take what they learn at Fight or Flight and immediately be comfortable using those skills in an outside, real world environment.  You learn to do things on a trampoline or spring floor or into a foam pit, you haven’t really learned how to do those things.  So no, we don’t have it.


Can I have my Birthday party/Graduation party at Fight or Flight?

Yes you can! The rate is $400 for one hour of instructed time and one hour of non-instructed time for up to 15 people (2 hours of time in the gym total).  Any additional people after the 15 is $10 per person.  If you want to do something specific such as a themed party, or nerf war party please talk to the office to see what we can do.  *Please note that if you chose to have presents/cake that will be part of the one hour of non-instructed time.  Check out our parties page to set up your party today.


Do you have any summer camps?

We do not currently have any plans to have any summer camps.