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Two Hours of Awesome!

We design an obstacle course that introduces many different Parkour movements safely, including proper landings, vaulting, climbing, and swinging techniques.


Free Time!

For the second hour, we open up the gym for free time. During this time, it is common for our coaches to do demonstrations and play games with everyone.

Common games include ground is lava, tag, hide and seek, etc. We also will have a station set up where everyone can practice flips onto mats.

During this time, you can open presents, eat cake, etc., in our upstairs party room.



Up to 15 participants

Two Hours of Gym Time

T-Shirt & Wristband for Birthday Boy/Girl

Upstairs Room with Tables and Chairs for Cake & Presents


Inquire Below

Please fill out the form below to have your party with us.

Party Schedule

Parties are available on Sundays only. Our party schedule will be expanded in the summer.


All participants need to have a waiver on file. This can be done online, or in-person. If signing the waiver in-person, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign.

Cake & Presents

We have an upstairs room with tables and chairs for cake and presents. We have basic party materials (plates, cutlery, napkins) available upon request. You are welcome to bring your own food and decorations.

Kids are messy, so we expect some mess. But we greatly appreciate if the room is left in a reasonable state. :)

Party Registration Form

We require a $100 deposit before your time is reserved. This deposit is not required to inquire about our parties. Once we confirm Fight or Flight's availability, we will require the deposit to reserve your time.

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