Teen/Adult Parkour

Ages 13-117

Level 1 - Foundations of Parkour & Freerunning

8-Week Session Package


$99 / 8-Week Session

One Level 1 class per week

Two Open Gym credits per 8-week package

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Level 1 Schedule

Wednesday | 5:30p

Thursday | 7:30p

Friday | 6:30p

Saturday | 2:30p



Advancement Track:

Level 1 has a list of several foundational Parkour skills you are expected to become proficient at before advancing to Level 2. Your progress is recorded by your instructor after every Level 1 class you take and is viewable online.

Once you have passed Level 1, you will move on to Level 2. You can view the Level 2 package details below.


Level 2

Standard Package


$189 / Month

Unlimited Classes!

Unlimited Free Time!

ALL Level 2 Classes per Week

ALL Supplementary Classes (Flips, Obstacle Courses, Swords, etc.)

ALL Open Gym Classes

ALL Strength Classes

Unlimited use of the gym space to train on your own while other classes are taking place

Level 2

Simple Package

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$119 / Month

Two Level 2 Classes per Week

ALL Open Gym Classes

ALL Strength Classes