Teen/Adult Parkour

Ages 13-117

Level 1 - Foundations of Parkour & Freerunning

8-Week Session Package


$99 / 8-Week Session

One Level 1 class per week

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Level 1 Schedule

Wednesday | 5:30p

Thursday | 7:30p

Friday | 6:30p

Saturday | 2:30p


You may also be interested in our Supplementary Class Packages!

These 4-week packages cover a wide range of topics including flips, obstacle courses, strength training, mobility, and freestyle flow. Choose one topic, or try them all!

Advancement Track:

Level 1 has a list of several foundational Parkour skills you are expected to become proficient at before advancing to Level 2. Your progress is recorded by your instructor after every Level 1 class you take and is viewable online.

Once you have passed Level 1, you will move on to Level 2. You can view the Level 2 package details below.


Level 2

Standard Package


$189 / Month

Unlimited Classes!

Unlimited Free Time!

ALL Level 2 Classes per Week

FREE Supplementary Class Packages (Flips, Obstacle Courses, Mobility, etc.)

ALL Martial Arts Classes (Sword & Krav Maga)

ALL Open Gym Classes

UNLIMITED use of the gym space to train on your own while other classes are taking place

Level 2

Simple Package

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$119 / Month

Two Level 2 Classes per Week

ALL Open Gym Classes