Youth Parkour

Ages 7-14

Our Youth Parkour classes are split into three levels. Each level is separated primarily by height, skill, and maturity. Upon completing your first free intro class, the instructor will determine whether you should start in Level 1 or Level 2 based on the performance in the class. If you are unsure which level you are in, please contact us. On average Level 1 will be ages 7-10, Level 2 will be ages 11-14, and Level 3 will be a mix of all ages.

In Level 1, our focus will be on smaller obstacles and simpler techniques, as well as building strength and good training habits. In Level 2, the obstacles will get bigger and the techniques more complex. Level 3 is for those wanting to take their training more seriously, requiring maturity, strength, knowledge, and drive.

Students will be given a skills booklet to track their progress toward the next level. At the end of the curriculum rotation, there will be a testing day during class where students have the opportunity to get skills checked off and/or receive feedback on how to improve before the next testing day.



Standard Package

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$84 / Month

ALL Core classes per month (up to 10 per week)

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