Youth Parkour

Ages 10-13

Standard Package

Kids Class Ground is Lava Bars.jpg

$149 / Month

ALL Youth Parkour classes per month (up to 6 per week)

ALL Open Gym classes

Simple Package


$49 / Month

One Youth Parkour class per week

One Open Gym credit per month


Youth Parkour Schedule

Monday | 6:30p

Tuesday | 5:30p

Thursday | 6:30p

Friday | 5:30p

Saturday | 10a

Saturday | 4:30p



Advancement Track

Once a student has mastered the techniques in the Youth Parkour classes, their instructor will approach them and/or their parents to discuss moving up to Youth Level 2. These classes require a higher level of focus and dedication. If a student isn't feeling challenged enough and feels like they are ready for Youth Level 2, they can approach their instructor as well.

Youth Level 2 details can be found below.

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$74 / Month

One Youth Level 2 class per week (90min class)

ALL Open Gym classes